Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline is an English artist that enjoyed success in the movie industry. She was a golden glove nominee and won two academy awards during her career. Needless to say, the enigmatic beauty had many suitors and several high-profile relationships, including Vincent Perez, a Swizz actor. This relationship caught the eye of the public as his man was about 20 years younger. However, this highly successful and beautiful actress had never been to the altar to tie the knot.

Jon Hamm

Jan Hamm is an American actor who has played several roles in movies. However, his best-known role was that of an advertising executive in Mad Men, An AMC television series that spanned eight years. Many people thought he would go to the alter with Jennifer Westfield that he dated for close to two decades. Unfortunately, the duo called it quits, and he had remained single ever since.

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